Snow White and the Eleven Dwarfs

by Hiew Chok Sien

A game for family gatherings and friends reunions

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Snow White and the Eleven Dwarfs

Living with a clan of Dwarfs can be quite an adventure. They're hardworking and dedicated, but their tendency for messiness and love for food fights can make things challenging. Despite these quirks, they have hearts brimming with kindness and a wickedly delightful sense of humour. When it comes to hide-and-seek, their version is absolutely hilarious and bound to leave you in stitches.

Snow White and the Eleven Dwarfs is a game for 7 to 18 players, and is perfect for parties and family gatherings. It is a team deduction game, with Snow White on one side, and the Dwarfs on the other. Dwarf identities are secret, and Snow White needs to find the Dwarf named Happy. The Dwarfs work together to figure out who among them has overslept and is late for work. 

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Dancing Queen

Dancing Queen is the winner of the 2021 international BoardGameGeek 9-Card Game Design Contest. It is is a 2-player about bringing friends to a dance party. You and your opponent both have in mind a particular dance to perform. Will you get your way? How many boys and girls should you bring? Will you bring a girl secretly dressed up as a boy to foil your opponent's plans?

This short and tricky card game features bluffing, setting traps, pushing your luck and reading your opponent. Ready? Let's dance! 

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Beethoven vs Newton

Assemble your dream team of artists and scientists. Help them work together to achieve great things. However more is not always better. If you recruit a member who cannot perform, they bring disgrace to the whole team.

Beethoven vs Newton is a 2-player, 18-card game about greed, risk-taking and catching your opponent off guard.

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